Hermosillo, the capital city of the State of Sonora, developed a large automotive manufacturing base since the 1980s when the Ford Hermosillo Stamping & Assembly Plant opened and drew Tier suppliers from the United States and Europe to serve Ford's just in time needs.

Many site selectors choose Hermosillo as a preferred manufacturing location as it avoids some of the challenges of manufacturing in a U.S. Mexico border town i.e. the cost of labor in Hermosillo is lower as are the employee turnover rates.

The city is served by an international airport, a good selection of business hotels, a great restaurant community featuring local beef which many say is the best found anywhere in the country.

Incentives to Manufacture in Hermosillo Mexico

Both the State of Sonora and the Mexican Federal Government offer incentives to inbound manufacturers, particularly to those firms that provide high-skill employment, on-site training programs and other good-corporate-citizen offerings.

Incentives vary from a temporary moratorium on payroll taxes, waiver of real estate transfer fees or employee training grants to multi-million dollar incentives for American or European companies but business leaders should note these larger incentives involve complex negotiations with agencies from Mexico City to Hermosillo and are often lost by incoming manufacturing executives without Mexico-specific incentive experience. Our firm has deep experience in this area and we encourage you to confer with us prior to undertaking a Mexico manufacturing incentive negotiation.

Industrial Parks

A handful of industrial parks serve Hermosillo with varying degrees of infrastructure and available buildings for lease or sale as well as land for sale to build a new facility. Some firms elect the Hermosillo Industrial Park - Ford Supplier Park or other traditional options while others have selected the Dynatech options and some new ones coming online.

Over the past several years there has been no building of industrial space, however in the last months as Ford reshuffled some suppliers and other companies following those suppliers have driven new development in the city. Some excellent new options are coming online over the next months so we look forward to your inquiries to share these details.

If your company is in the Automotive, Aerospace,  Electronics, Metals,  Logistics or other sector planning to Manufacture in Mexico or set up a Distribution Center, there are Buildings for Lease, Buildings for Sale, and land to build a custom building available.

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